Repurposed Art Contest

Calling all artists!  Earth without ART is just eh! 

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, the Town of Elon is hosting a Repurposed Art Contest to raise awareness of environmental issues facing our world while supporting the arts.  This contest is an opportunity for children, teens, adults, or families to explore recycling and repurpose items in a creative and innovative way.  It will lift up your voices on environmental issues and hopefully move others to take action.  Instructions and Requirements are provided in the link below. To enter the contest, please complete this online form.

  • Reflect on the environment and our earth. What issue is important to you?  Or, what about our earth would you like to celebrate?
  • Go on a repurposing hunt! Look around your home, your town, your dorm room, or even around campus to find objects that are no longer being used or are ready to be recycled. Umbrellas, clothes, furniture, dishes, bottles, pillows, shoes, electronics, books, newspaper…anything. Be sure to ask for and receive permission if they are not yours.
  • From these items, find your inspiration. As a creative person, you see the world in unique ways.  How can you turn these items that might have otherwise ended up in the trash into a piece of art with a message?
  • Create your art! Give it a title.

Entry form and photos must be submitted by Thursday, April 15, 2021 by 5PM. Artwork will be displayed to the public on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

Repurposed Art Contest Instructions and Requirements

Art Submission Checklist – Just to help you make sure you hit the parameters of the contest.