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Sea Turtle Clean Up Duty Ruth’s Buttons
Sea Turtle Clean Up Duty Ruth's Butttons
Artist Statement Artist Statement Artist Statement
I chose to make a sea turtle out of plastic straws. I love the ocean and I want plastic straws to be gone forever. They hurt the environment. Animals, like baby sea turtles eat the straws and microplastics because they think they are food. Plastic hurts their stomach because it doesn’t break down. The animals will get sick or die. People should stop using plastic straws. Instead of plastic, people can buy other kinds like, steel, bamboo, and paper.
They should bring their own straws to a restaurant. Restaurants should not buy plastic straws and should ask before giving them out in a drive-thru. And make sure you say no to taking their plastic straws. If everyone had their own straws, restaurants would stop buying them. This is one of the ways to take care of the environment and animals.
In my art project, I see a better world that is clean and not dirty with litter. It shows that we can clean up our town and home and make it clean. The tree separates the old world and the new world. I know one day we can all work together to clean up our earth. When we went to Ohio to clean out my husband’s mother house, I open a closet and found a container. I opened it and found buttons! My brother-in-law said that they could be thrown away. He couldn’t understand why I wanted to keep them. My husband said that I would create something and I did! I made one for my
oldest step-son, this one for my hubby and will make one for younger step-son!