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In an effort to make the Town of Elon’s public facilities accessible to all, the Town is engaged in developing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self Assessment and Transition Plan for the town’s public facilities. The ADA Self Assessment and Transition Plan for public facilities demonstrates the Town of Elon’s commitment to providing equal access to all of its public programs, services, facilities, and activities for citizens with disabilities.

The Plan is intended to identify physical obstacles that limit the accessibility of facilities to individuals with disabilities, describe the methods to be used to make the facilities accessible, provide a schedule for making modifications to better provide access, and identify the public officials responsible for implementation of the Transition Plan.

How to provide input:

The Transition Plan process is currently underway and the Town would like your comments and concerns regarding facility accessibility to assist in the development of the Transition Plan. Please help with this process by providing your feedback regarding accessibility of the public facilities within the Town of Elon.

The Town is looking for input from:

People with disabilities – the Town is seeking representatives for a variety of disabilities

-Senior citizens

-Other individuals and members of groups that encounter barriers related to access to Town owned facilities and programs, such as parents of children with disabilities, mobility challenged, blind, and deaf

-People with experience and knowledge of ADA planning and requirements or also serve disabled populations

-Interested Town of Elon residents

Additional information on the Transition Plan can be obtained by contacting the Town’s ADA Coordinator. As we work through this process, we will endeavor to provide assistance to the best of our ability.

Complete the ADA Transition Plan Survey.


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ADA Public Notice

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