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On 01/10/2022, Officers with the Elon Police Department, took a report in which a local resident was being tracked by an unknown individual by the use of an “Apple Air Tag”.  Apple Air Tags are devices that can be used to track personal items, vehicles, and people. Air Tags are equal in size to a quarter and can be placed in locations that are hard to see such as purse, gym bag, or underneath a vehicle. Similar situations have been reported in larger cities making national news recently This scam has made national news:

If you are a victim of an Apple Air Tag track, you will receive a notification on your Apple device advising you that you are being tracked via your “Find My” application that comes pre-installed on Apple devices. This notification will then take you to your “Find My” application and show you the route you have taken since being tracked by the device. If you happen to receive this notification or find an Apple Air Tag device on you or your property, do not touch or remove the device, but call your local law enforcement agency.

Unfortunately, if you do not have an iPhone you will not receive a notification but the “Apple AirTag” will begin to chirp between 8 and 24 hours after the tracker is separated from its registered user. There are also a number of tracking tech on the market, such as “Tile” which are harder to detect. Follow the link attached here for some tips to keep you safe from tracking:

Letter from Chief Kelly Blackwelder