Business License

Business License Information

Welcome to Elon! We are excited to have you choose our Town for your business location.

Privilege License Information

Due to legislation effective July 1, 2015, with the exception of those selling Beer & Wine and peddlers, business privilege licenses are no longer issued.

ABC License Information

The Town of Elon requires a Beer and Wine License  in addition to the State’s ABC permit for all retail and wholesalers of beer and wine within the Town Limits. Per NC General Statutes §105-113.77 and §105-113.79, a person holding any retail or wholesale ABC permits for an establishment located in a city shall obtain from the city a city license for that activity. A business must obtain a license for each permitted activity at each location. Operating a business without a license triggers a 5% per month penalty, along with a 10% penalty for failure to pay. These violations are a Class 1 misdemeanors.

Following state statute, the licenses run from May 1 through April 30 and must be renewed annually. The Finance Department issues notices of annual license renewals in April.

The process for obtaining an initial ABC license to sell beer or wine includes inspections, the approval of the Police Chief, and approval of the local ABC Board before payment can be made and a license issued. Please see the North Carolina ABC Commission’s website for more information.

Please contact Michele Tyndall, Tax Collector, at 336.584.4828 if you have questions regarding licensing for your business within the Town of Elon.