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The Boil Water Notice for City of Burlington Water Customers is lifted. Water is safe to consume, to bathe in, to cook with, to wash dishes with, and to give to pets without flushing water lines or taking any additional measures.  Tests on water samples have come back clean. No E. coli is present in the City’s water distribution system.

Businesses permitted by the Alamance County Health Department, restaurants, lodging, and tattoo parlors may now reopen once the following steps are completed. 1) Discard any ice, food, or beverages prepared during the time when the water supply was unapproved. 2) Clean and sanitize any areas that may have been in contact with contaminated water. 3) Flush pipes, faucets, drinking fountains and equipment with water line connection for 5 minutes. 4) Flush hot water heater per manufacturer’s instructions. 5) Replace water filter cartridges. For more information businesses can call the Health Department at 336-290-0653 or visit www.alamance-nc.com/environmentalhealth.

Read the full press release for additional information.

City of Burlington Media Release – City of Burlington Lifts Boil Water Notice