Town of Elon Police Officer with badge, camera, and radio

Elon, NC (December 16, 2019) – We have become aware of a financial scam which is using Mayor Jerry Tolley’s name. Please be advised that no Town official will contact you by email or phone call soliciting funds or gift cards. Should you receive an email, phone call or text message claiming to be from an elected official or staff of the Town of Elon requesting that you donate money or gift cards, please do not respond and contact the Elon Police Department.

Some good tips to avoid scams are:
•        Please, slow down, read your emails, and examine the senders email address.

•        Never send gift cards/wire money to a stranger.

•        If it seems too good to be true, it is.

•        If you receive an email from someone you “know” asking for money (or to do something out of character) call them directly or meet them face to face to discuss it.

•        Never divulge your personal information (Driver’s license, DOB, Social Security number) over the phone.

•        If in doubt call or go by the Police Department and talk with an officer.

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