Sustainability Committee

Purpose: To support the Mayor and Town Council in integrating sustainability principles into Town operations and the broader community consciousness, while promoting economic viability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility through the following activities:

  • Policy Development: Provide guidance to the Mayor and Town Council on institutionalizing environmentally sustainable practices by evaluating and proposing policies that support Town sustainability commitments.
  • Education: Increase awareness of sustainability topics by developing and recommending activities aimed at promoting sustainable behaviors across the community.
  • Partnership: Facilitate and encourage public and private partnerships that improve the effectiveness of efforts to create a more environmentally sustainable future.
The Sustainability Committee typically meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM at the Elon Town Hall in the Council Chamber meeting room.  The public is invited to attend any meeting.

11/27/24 Regular Meeting
10/23/24 Regular Meeting
09/25/24 Regular Meeting
08/28/24 Regular Meeting
07/24/24 Regular Meeting
06/26/24 Regular Meeting
05/29/24 Special Called Meeting Agenda Packet
04/24/24 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
03/27/24 Regular Meeting Agenda
02/28/24 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/31/24 Special Called Meeting Agenda Minutes

12/13/23 Special Called Meeting Minutes
11/29/23 Regular Meeting Minutes
10/25/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
09/27/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
08/23/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
07/26/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
05/24/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
04/26/23 Regular Meeting Agenda
03/22/23 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
02/22/23 Regular Meeting Minutes