Apply For Special Events Permit


Applicants are required to submit this application along with any and all required documentation at least 60 days prior to the event date. Permits will not be issued if received less than two weeks (14 calendar days) before the event. A non-refundable application fee of $50 is due upon submittal of the permit application.

Potential fees for services provided by the Town of Elon, rendered before and during the event, are listed in the Town's Fee Schedule. The list below is not all inclusive but a starting point. All additional fees will be invoiced after staffing and various needs are determined by the Town of Elon. Fees are due before the permit is rendered. Please pay for the application fee here.  Please review the Town’s Code of Ordinances here for further instructions.

Below is a list of fees that may be required for your event. This list is not all inclusive. 
Department/Item Fee/Minimum Time
Special Events Permit Fee $50 Non-refundable
Police Officer(s) $35 per person per hour/Four (4) hour minimum
Fire Personnel/EMT $25 per person per hour/Four (4) hour minimum
Public Works Personnel $40 per person per hour/Four (4) hour minimum
Barricades/Road Closure Equipment $5 per sign, $2 per cone
Electronic Traffic Signs Rental cost plus $100 administrative fee
Trash/Recycling Containers $10 per container

Event Notification

Applicants agree to notify property owners affected by the event between 15 days and 30 days prior to the event.

Vulgar Language and Lewd Conduct

Applicant agrees to restrict the use of vulgar language and lewd behavior by event participants, vendors, or talent that may offend patrons at the event. Specific consideration should be given to occasions with free admission and openly accessible event spaces.


Applicant must make best efforts to take mechanical counts of attendance of the event by session or by day, and to provide such information to the Town of Elon within five (5) days following the conclusion of the event. The information will be used internally to document attendance levels for future planning and administrative purposes.

Event Advertisement

Do not announce, advertise, or promote your event until you have completed and submitted this application and you have received approval from the Town of Elon. If you are planning to put out event signage, please contact the Planning Department to ensure compliance with the sign ordinance at

Street/Event Area Conditions

No permanent alterations to the street or permitted area will be allowed. Any and all festival/event equipment, trash, or remnants must be removed within twelve (12) hours of the end of the event.


Organizers are encouraged to establish plans for reclaiming recyclable items during all special events. All special events are required to include within marketing literature (both print and electronic) that recycling will take place. The Town of Elon can provide this service for a fee or the applicant can request recycling bins from the Town of Elon by contacting the Elon Public Works department at 336.584.9600.

Public Safety Requirements


The Elon Police Department shall determine the number of police officers needed to appropriately manage street closures and for internal security, as well as, the time when such services shall commence and end. The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring proper coverage is provided. The minimum charge is $35 per hour per officer for four (4) hours. Applicant must reserve the required number of officers by contacting the Elon Police Department at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Please contact Lt. Demario Chavis at 336.584.1301 or at


The Elon Fire Department will determine the number of Fire Personnel or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) needed, as well as, the time when such services shall commence and end. The minimum charge is $35 per hour per person for four (4) hours. The applicant is required to make arrangements for such services at least thirty (30) days prior to the event and pay the cost of of such services upon receipt of the contract and/or invoice. The Elon Fire Department can be reached at 336.584.9190.

Public Works

The Public Works Department will determine the number of team members needed to appropriately service the event. The minimum charge is $40 per hour per person for four (4) hours.

Street Closure Guidelines

Closure Times: Streets are only permitted to close and open according to times listed on the special event permit.

Closure Set Up: Executing the street closure must be done by Town of Elon staff only.

Fire Lane: A 20′ wide fire lane must be maintained throughout all street closures.

Vendors: All festival vendors should be contained within the street closure, not on sidewalks.

Handicap Sidewalk Ramps: Handicap sidewalk ramps should remain unblocked throughout closure.

Contact Person


Name of Person Applying


Name of Person who will be present at the event


Please enter a number from 0 to 2000. If you believe that your event will exceed 2,000 people, please call Kathleen Patterson at 336.584.3601.

Please attach proof of insurance or applicable rider – Comprehensive General Public Liability Insurance required: $1, 000,000 per person per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate naming the Town of Elon as additionally insured. **The Certificate should be specifically worded: The Town of Elon, its officers, employees, and agents are additionally insured. If alcohol is being served at the event, Liquor Liability is required to be included on the Certificate of Insurance.

Please attach a map of the entire event area – This map should include street closures, vendor locations, port- a-john locations, stage, and entertainment locations, parking plan and any other significant details.

Please attach a copy of your Event Emergency Risk Management Plan – This plan should take into consideration, but should not be limited to: Crowd Management, Electrical & Gas Safety, Responsible Alcohol, Service, Adverse Weather conditions, Security, Slip/Trip/Fall/Burn Hazards, Fire Hazards, Water Hazards, Venue Specific Hazards, Evacuation Plans, etc.

Please attach a copy of the approval letter sent by NCDOT, if there is a request to close a state maintained street in the Town of Elon.

Please attach a copy of your ALE/ ABC permit, if alcohol will be service at this event.

1. Any permit issued is subject to the above activity being performed in a lawful manner and in compliance with all provisions of the Ordinances of the Town of Elon and the laws of the State of North Carolina and may be further limited.

2. The person named as the retainer of the permit will be contact by the designated police supervisor prior to the date of the event in order to coordinate activities.

3. Use of vehicles, placards, loud speakers, amplifiers or any other mechanical devices will be permitted at the discretion of the designated police supervisor and in accordance with Town Ordinances.

4. The conduct of the event and its participants will be under the supervision and control of the Elon Police Department.

5. The Elon Police Department retains the authority to end the event prior to the schedule based on:

A. Violation of any section of the permit, State law, or Town Ordinance.

B. Security and/or protection concerns or event participants and the community.