Downtown Elon N Williamson Ave Image

Drone video crosswalk mural 22

The Art Advisory Board is proud to present the first public art project in Downtown Elon.  A mural was created by artist Mary ED Ryan to bring some color to a crosswalk.  The mural is located on Holt Ave. next to Magerks Restaurant.  Plans for another mural will be underway in few week.  The dining area located on W. Lebanon was set up as a temporary solution when the pandemic hit and all restaurants were closed for indoor dining.  This outdoor seating area as well as the two others in downtown have been so well received that the Town of Elon will keep these outdoor dining areas open year round.  The Art Advisory Board wanted to make the dining area look permanent and bring some beauty and art to the site.  This dining area will have a mural painted on the ground as a part of bringing murals and public art to downtown.