Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Journey

In the Fall of 2021, as part of the Elon Police Department’s (EPD) efforts to develop a strategic plan for the agency, the Elon Police Department Police Chief, Kelly Blackwelder, began working with the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) to develop a community/stakeholder survey to gather feedback from the Elon community and agency stakeholders to better inform the development of a new strategic plan in the first quarter of 2022. The stakeholder survey was accompanied by an internal officer wellness survey completed by all Elon Police Department staff. These two surveys were used to establish priority areas both within the agency and for the agency’s role in the broader Elon, North Carolina community.

Working with the NCJA, EPD Command staff created each survey and they were disseminated via survey monkey by NCJA to ensure staff did not feel compelled by agency leadership to complete the survey and to promote anonymity for our community members. The results were used to guide the EPD Strategic Plan Management Team, comprised of a cross-section of the department members, in developing our agency priorities and goals. The final draft of the EPD Strategic Plan will be published soon.