Testimonials given regarding the Elon Police Department:

“Hello Chief Blackwelder, I’m not sure what the proper process for this is, but I just wanted to put in a good word for Sergeant DeMario Chavis. I am a grad student at Elon U and I found a stray dog yesterday that I needed help with. DeMario came to help very quickly. The dog was very scared and shy and I was worried that when the police showed up that they would have to use a catch pole and shove her in the car, adding to her existing trauma. But instead, DeMario was so kind and patient. He let us take the time (even though it was the last hour of his shift) to coax her into the cruiser without forcing or scaring her more. I know this was just a dog, but I feel like if DeMario is going to treat a mere stray dog with such kindness and respect, then that is just a glimpse of how he treats people.  I am a millennial and I am surrounded by political circles that have strong feelings against the police. However, having such a positive experience with a police officer was healing for me. I think that this is how bridges are formed and how understanding is made, especially in the current political climate. Thank you for your service in and around Elon. And thank you for having officers like DeMario!” ~Sam Bauman (June 19, 2021)

“Hi Chief Blackwelder, I want to commend to you, Mark Sweat, for a wonderful service he did for my Uncle Paul Bundy yesterday.  He was in the post office and overheard a conversation my uncle was having with the clerk there and picked up that he was trying to send at least one $2500 money order to an individual.  Mark soon realized that my uncle had been a victim of a scam and asked him about all that money he was carrying around ($4000).  He listened to the story of how “Publisher’s Clearing House” had called and said he’d won several million dollars AND a new Mercedes.  After several questions and some knowledge/wisdom Mark was able to share, my uncle came to the understanding he was being scammed.  Mark got my number from my Uncle, who was surely still reeling and explained the situation to me.  Then he FOLLOWED my uncle back to Wells Fargo where he redeposited the entire $4000.  I have no doubt that Mark saved him that $4000 from being sent off to the lowest life-form out there – someone that would make an 88 year old widower a target to steal his hard-earned retirement money.  My uncle lost his wife late in 2018 and only son/child last June.  He has since moved into Cedar Ridge as he has Myasthenia Gravis and the doctor told him he needed to get in a community where he had more contact with people to make sure he was OK as well as let go the chores a house entailed.  So to see him get scammed like this makes my blood boil!!!!  I am so thankful to God and to Mark for “saving” my dear uncle from this loss AND shame/embarrassment from being a victim of such fraud.   Thanks to you for the leading such good men in your department.”
~  Sincerely, Fara Brogden (June 10, 2020)

“Elon Police Dept, just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of you that participated in the “mock graduation” on Saturday, May 16th for some Elon Graduates on Woodland Dr. The kids had a blast and appreciated you doing it just for them. May God always watch over you and your family. Mitchell and I appreciate all you done o the make this mock graduation awesome! You All are our Heroes and we all appreciate you taking very great care of Elon!!”
~Ellen and Mitchell (June 13, 2020)

“Very appreciative of the work done by police officers- sorry didn’t get their names. they woke me up to confirm my car was not broken into and returned my wallet and stayed around to confirm all was OK with my credit cards. thank you.”
~ Anna (June 10, 2020)