Recycle Right Elon

Recycle right graphicWe take seriously the desire to live in a green and sustainable world. One way we can all help make that a reality is by recycling and recycling right. This page is dedicated to providing information to help you recycle right and answer questions about recycling. If the answer is not here, please call the Public Works Department at 336.584.9600 for more help.

Trash Schedule 2024

Recycling Collection

Recycling pick up is every other Wednesday. The Town of Elon provides one waste and one recycling receptacle per household. Additional recycling bins are available for an additional charge of $7 each per month.

3 Basic Rules of Recycling

1. Recycle empty bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard

2. Keep fluid and liquid out of your recycling.

3. Empty recyclables directly into your cart. NO bagged recyclables. Return plastic bags to local grocer.

Download GFL Material Guidelines Recycling – a one page information sheet on what can be recycled.

For information on how to make sure you are recycling properly, visit

Recycle more graphic. When in doubt throw it out.Recycling Information Resources

Recycle NC (NC DEQ)

Recycle Often Recycle Right

Material Recovery Facility Map (NCDEQ)

Sustainable Materials Management (US EPA)

Keep America Beautiful


The Town of Elon does not collect electronics or e-waste material. To dispose of electronics and e-waste items, please visit Alamance County Landfill for more information and drop off locations.