Waste And Recycling Collection

Waste collection is a contracted service in the Town of Elon and occurs every Tuesday. Waste Receptacles should be placed at the curb no sooner than 24 hours before pick up and left at the curb no later than 24 hours after pick up. Trash Schedule 2024

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Bulk and Yard Waste

Bulk and Yard waste are collected by the Public Works Department beginning every other Thursday opposite weeks of recycling pick up and will continue until everyone has been serviced. The service is free of charge unless it exceeds the allowed amount. 

Yard waste should be placed at the curb by 6:00am to ensure pick up. Tree trimmings, wooden items 6′ or less in length, grass clippings and leaves are considered yard waste. Yard waste is not sent to the landfill and must be separated from other waste. During the fall and spring, the Town may vacuum leaves piled at the curb. Dates of this service will be announced on the Town’s website and social media pages. Appliances (doors removed), furniture, and scrap metal are considered bulk waste.

The amount of bulk waste and yard waste combined should not exceed 1/2 pickup truck bed per load. No large landscaping or construction debris, anything exceeding ½ pickup truck bed, will be picked up without incurring a fee. The fee is $25 per additional full pickup load beyond the regular 1/2 pickup truck load as determined by the Public Works staff.

The process for large amounts of bulk waste is as follows. Large amounts of bulk waste will not be picked up during the regularly scheduled time frame. A member of the Public Works Department will return to the identified address and estimate the cost to remove the debris. The property owner will be contacted with the estimated cost of removal. If the property owner wishes for them to remove the excess, they should pay the estimated removal fee at the Municipal Building. Once paid, the refuse will be removed within 48 hours. If the fee is not paid nor the debris removed within 5 days of the initial contact, a $50 fine will be assessed.

One standard size sofa or one mattress/box spring will be considered 1/2 a pick up truck load.

Below are examples of 1/2 pickup truck load versus more than a 1/2 pickup truck load.

Large Landscaping and Construction Debris

Yard waste and yard debris from large landscaping projects will not be collected by the Town of Elon. Construction materials and yard waste shall be removed within 5 working days from the completion of work. As the property owner, you are responsible for assuring that material is removed within the time specified.

Recycling Collection

Recycling pick up is every other Wednesday. A list of recyclable items can be found here. The Town of Elon provides one waste and one recycling receptacle per household. Additional recycling bins are $7 each per month, regular trash $11 each per month

For more in depth recycling information, visit the Recycle Right Elon page.


The Town of Elon does not collect electronics or e-waste material. To dispose of electronics and e-waste items, please visit Alamance County Landfill for more information and drop off locations.