Online Payment Options

  • How do I make an online payment?

    The Town of Elon has the ability to take online payments for several services including water bill payments and tax payments. To make a payment online, visit the Online Payment Services page to locate the correct payment link.

Water Sewer Service

  • How do I turn on water and sewer service?

    The Town of Elon provides water and sewer service to individuals and businesses. For a turn on application, visit the Utility/Water/Sewer page for more information.

Public Works

  • What companies do I contact for services to my home or business?

    Here is a list of numbers and links to their websites for utilities within this area:
    Piedmont Natural Gas    800.752.7504
    Duke Energy                    336.538.0015
    AT&T                                 800.288.2020
    Spectrum                          833.267.6094

  • Where can I find information on recycling and waste collection?

    You can find general information on waste collection and recycling by visiting our Waste Collection and Recycling webpage. For more in depth information on recycling, visit our Recycle Right Elon webpage.


  • Does the Elon Police Dept have a Ride-Along Program?

    Yes, and we encourage our citizens to ride with us to get a better understanding of our job. Citizens 18 or older may request to ride during the hours of 8 am until midnight by completing an application available from the Elon Police Dept.

  • How can I arrange to have a Child Safety Seat Technician assist me in installing my new car seat?

    Contact Lieutenant Mike Brewer of the Elon Police Dept at 336.584.1301.

  • How can I get a crime prevention or other related police presentation for my group, school or organization?

    All Elon Police Officers conduct various programs and presentations. To coordinate a program, call Assistant Chief James Perry at 336.584.1301 or by email at

  • How can I get an Elon Police Department patch?

    The Elon Police Department does not send out patches to persons other than law enforcement officers. If you are a law enforcement officer and wish a department patch, submit your request in writing on the letterhead of your agency by mail to Town of Elon Police Department, P.O. Box 595, Elon, NC 27244.

  • How can someone report speeders on their street or request additional traffic monitoring?

    Please call the Elon Police Department at 336.584.1301.

  • How do I compliment or complain about an Elon Police Dept officer/department employee and/or police service?

    You may complete our online form or you may contact Assistant Chief James Perry at 336.584.1301 or by email at

  • How can I get a copy of my criminal history?

    You can get a complete criminal history by going to the Alamance County Clerk of Court at 1 Court Square, Graham, NC 27253. The telephone number is 336.570.5202. You can learn more by visiting their website.

  • How do I file a police report?

    It is appropriate to call 911 for calls that involve a crime, accident or incident requiring a uniformed officer to respond. Some reports not requiring an officer response can be taken over the telephone by calling 336.584.1301 during regular business hours of 8am -5pm.

  • How do I find out how much a traffic ticket is?

    For traffic violations, contact the Alamance County Clerk of Court at 336.570.5202 or visit their website.

  • How do I get a copy of a police report or an accident report?

    Copies of offense reports and accident reports are available from the Records Department in the lobby of the police department, 104 S. Williamson Ave., between the hours of 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. You may also access the reports online.

  • I have discovered the insurance information on the accident report is not valid. What can I do?

    You may file a complaint against the other driver for no insurance by contacting the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles at 336. 570.6807 and complete a complaint form. All the information you will need is contained in the accident report.

  • If I disagree with an officer’s traffic accident report, what can I do?

    Police officers are traffic accident report takers only. Officers make a determination of the contributing factors in the accident, but they DO NOT determine fault. If you disagree with the final accident report, you should contact the officer directly to discuss your concerns. The officer has the final say in how the report is written. Who pays for damage and other related costs is a matter which must be determined in civil court and/or between insurance companies.

  • Who should I contact for the status of my incident report?

    Contact the officer that completed the report or the Administrative Assistant at 336.584.1301 to find out to whom the case has been assigned.

  • Who do I call to see if I have any outstanding warrants?

    If you believe you may have a warrant issued against you, you should call the Alamance County Clerk of Court at 336.570.5202. If you believe you may have a warrant issued against you by an officer of the Elon Police Department, call 336.584.1301.

  • Who do I call to see if someone is in jail?

    You should contact the Alamance County Detention Center 336.570.6317 or check online here. Please do not contact the Elon Police Department. The Town of Elon does not have a jail.

  • What are the requirements to apply for a position as an Elon Police Officer?

    The Elon Police Dept accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Candidates must be at least 21 years old, have a High School Diploma or GED, must be a US citizen, possess a valid NC driver’s license, have completed Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) in NC and be willing to submit to a thorough background investigation, physical examination including drug screening, and a psychological examination. To complete an application and F-3 Form, visit the employment page.

  • Where can I get information about applying with the Elon Police Department?

    Application forms are available on the Employment page of the Town’s website. You may also pick up an application packet at the Elon Police Department at 104 S. Williamson Ave., Elon, NC 27244. For more information, call the Administrative Assistant at 336.584.1301.

Planning and Zoning

  • How do I apply for a building permit?

    The Town of Elon requires a planning permit for most construction activities. The permit application form can be found here and requires a $50 processing fee. Please provide a plat or sketch of the property showing all proposed locations of site improvements with dimensions indicating compliance with setback requirements.

    The Town of Elon contracts with Alamance County for building permit processing and inspections projects within Elon’s jurisdiction. You can download the building permit here.  All building permits must be completely filled out and submitted with a survey or accurate sketch drawing for review by the Planning Director. After the Town of Elon approves the building permit, the applicant or contractor will have to submit the permit and drawings to Alamance County Building Inspections located at 201 West Elm Street, Graham, NC 27253 for review and approval.  All fees for building permits are paid to Alamance County. For further information, please contact them at 336.570.4059 or visit their website.