Elon Police Department Former Police Badge

The Elon Police department needs your help in keeping your vehicles and property safe from thieves. Recently, a rash of vehicle break-ins have occurred in Elon. In each case, the vehicle was unlocked and in at least two cases, the keys were in the vehicle. Please take precautions and always hide your valuables, lock your doors, and take your keys!

You can establish a 9PM routine to help ensure your vehicles, home, and valuables are safe. Just follow these simple steps every evening:

Remove all valuables from your vehicle
Lock your car doors
Close your exterior garage door
Lock your inner garage door
Close and lock all exterior doors
Shut and lock all windows
Turn on a front outside light
Set your home and car alarms

With your help, we can reduce the opportunities for theft to occur. To keep this checklist handy, you can obtain a printable copy here: 9PM ROUTINE Checklist.