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Disaster Debris Clearance and Removal Services
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10:00 am March 8, 2019
12:00 pm March 29, 2019

The Town is requesting proposals from experienced and qualified contractors to provide emergency disaster recovery services including, but not limited to, clean-up, demolition, removal, reduction and disposal of debris resulting from a natural or man-made disaster as directed by the Town.

The Town will enter into contracts with no committed immediate or annual cost to the Town and will activate the contract as needed.

The Town may enter into two (2) contracts: one with a “Primary” contractor and the other with a “Secondary” contractor. The “Primary” contractor will be on a first contact basis for all disasters and emergencies that may require debris removal, reduction, disposal or other cleanup activities. The “Secondary” contractor will serve as a backup to the Primary for any disaster or emergency that may be of a scale larger than one company would be capable and equipped to handle. Town will reserve the right to decide, at the guidance and recommendation of the Town Manager or his designee, when and if the “secondary” contract will be activated.

The Town has not activated a contract for debris clearance and removal services in recent memory and does not have a recent bid tab for debris clearance and removal services for review. The Town also does not have a debris management plan.

Responding contractors must, at a minimum, have performed at least three (3) debris removal, reduction, and
disposal operations in excess of 75,000 cubic yards and provide references for the communities where these operations took place. Contractors will need to be licensed to do business in North Carolina and certify that they are not included on the debarred FEMA list. It is intended that the successful bidder shall furnish all tools, equipment, machinery, apparatus, labor and materials necessary to complete all work required under the terms of such contract(s) as may be entered into.

The Town is seeking to enter into an agreement through June 30, 2020 with the option to extend for two additional one-year periods with two contractors to provide the services contained within this RFP.

All requests for interpretations related to this RFP must be submitted in writing to the Project Manager, Pamela Graham, Assistant Town Manager/Planning Director, Town of Elon at by 12:00 pm (noon) on Monday, March 18,2019.

All responses to timely submitted requests for interpretations will be published in the form of an addendum on the town’s website no later than Tuesday, March 19,2019. For questions on the bidding procedures, contact the town’s Finance Director at 336.584.9654.

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