The Elon Arts Advisory Board is tasked with selecting works of art and working in cooperation with other Town advisory boards to develop a public art program for the Town of Elon. The advisory board selects works of art to be approved by the Board of Aldermen before they are acquired or transferred, sold or deaccessioned. The advisory board advocates for public art in Elon, reviews, and assists with public art projects. The Arts Advisory Board works with town departments to create community art projects such as the annual Earth Day Art Contest.

Advisory Board Members
Pamela Hale Term expires December 2024
Vacant Term expires December 2023
Linda Raker Term expires December 2023
Jodean Schmiederer Term expires December 2024
Wen Gou Term expires December 2024

Quinn Ray, Liaison, Board of Aldermen
Stephanie Bourland, Liaison, Board of Aldermen

Kathleen Patterson, Staff Liaison
Downtown Development Administrator/PIO
D: 336.586.1009