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The Town of Elon has several volunteer Citizen Advisory Boards and Commissions that perform the important function of advising the Board of Aldermen on a variety of matters such as zoning, recreational activities, and downtown improvements. The board members are appointed by the Board of Aldermen. Below are the different boards and commissions. If you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, please submit a Board and Commission Volunteer Application to DiAnne Enoch, Town Clerk.

Quasi-Judicial Boards
Board of Adjustment

The board is established as a “quasi-judicial” administrative Board that operates on a level between the enforcement officials of the Town and courts.  The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to hear and decided appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official charged with enforcement of an ordinance adopted pursuant to the land use regulations adopted by the Town.  In addition, under the provisions of the Town’s zoning regulations, the Board of Adjustment is responsible for the issuance of Special Use Permits.

Boards and Commissions

The commission, upon its appointment, shall make careful study of the visual problems and needs of the municipality or county within its area of zoning jurisdiction, and shall make any plans and carry out any programs that will, in accordance with the powers herein granted, enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the municipality or county.


The general purpose of the Board is to stimulate the economic vitality in downtown Elon through organization (encouraging cooperation and building leadership in the business community); promotion (creating a positive image of downtown promoting the downtown as an exciting place to live, shop, and invest); design (improving the appearance of the downtown); and through the development and recommendation of economic development policies and programs.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning Board is established to advise the Board of Aldermen on matters related to land use and community development.  The Planning Board shall be governed by the terms of G.S. § 160A-360 through 160A-387 and by the terms of the Town of Elon Land Development Ordinance enacted December 2004 and any subsequent amendments thereto.  All Board members shall thoroughly familiarize themselves with the provisions of these statutes and ordinances.

Recreation and Parks

The Recreation Commission advises the Board of Aldermen on matters related to public recreational opportunities as provided by the Town of Elon.