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Welcome to Elon and the Administration Department pages of the Elon website.

The Administration Department in Elon includes the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager/ Planning Director and the Town Clerk. In a business setting, these positions might be considered the President, who works directly for the Board of Aldermen, and the Vice President, and Corporate Secretary. Our primary function is to oversee the operations of all the Town’s departments, preserve Town records and implement the policies established by the Board of Aldermen.

In addition, we support the Board of Aldermen through preparing meeting agendas and information. We also work to implement the Board’s Strategic Plan, which we use to help determine annual goals for each of our departments. Perhaps our biggest duty is to ensure that the funds the Town raises are managed appropriately, spent wisely and accounted for accurately. This is accomplished through our annual budgeting and auditing processes, as well as by our Finance Department staff that handle the funds coming in and going out.

If you have questions or complaints about Town services, the initial point of contact should be to the Department involved. If you need to pursue your concerns further, either to pass along kudos for a problem resolved, or concerns about an incomplete resolution, then call the Administration Office and we will follow up.

While no one particularly likes criticism, please feel free to pass along your ideas, concerns, wishes and hopes for Elon. Elon is a wonderful community and our goal is for Elon to continue to be a place where people want to live, work and play.

Administration staff include:

Richard Roedner, Town Manager

Pamela DeSoto, Assistant Town Manager/Planning Director

DiAnne Enoch, Town Clerk