Committee Mission:

This committee has a clear mission to collaborate in creating a skate park/plaza recreational facility within Elon. The primary objective of this facility is to establish a more secure and controlled environment for skateboarding, foster community involvement, encourage physical activity, stimulate economic growth, and elevate the overall quality of life.

Once appointed by the Elon Town Council, your responsibilities will encompass various aspects as a member of the Skate Park/Plaza Steering Committee:

  1. Engagement: Actively engaging with skateboarding enthusiasts, residents, non-residents, students, parents, business owners, and professionals to ensure their input and perspectives are incorporated into the project’s planning and execution.
  2. Support: Assisting the Town of Elon Recreation and Parks Department in different capacities, which may include providing insights into design elements, selecting an appropriate site, identifying potential obstacles, devising strategies to overcome them, raising awareness, contributing to the project’s overall success, and offering ongoing advocacy and support.
  3. Meeting Requirements: Participation in regularly convened meetings to discuss project progress, provide updates, and address challenges. Initially, meetings will be held twice a month, with a subsequent transition to monthly meetings. Occasionally, the committee meeting frequency may be adjusted to align with specific short-term goals related to the project.
  4. Advocacy: Taking part in efforts to raise awareness about the project within the community, garner support from various stakeholders, and cultivate a sense of excitement and anticipation around the upcoming skate park/plaza.
  5. Fundraising and Coordination: Participating in fundraising initiatives and activities to secure the necessary resources for the project’s realization. Collaborate with fellow committee members to coordinate volunteer efforts and ensure smooth project execution.
  6. Reporting and Recommendation: The committee will furnish regular updates and progress reports to the Elon Town Council, sharing the achievements, challenges, and developments. Ultimately, it presents a comprehensive recommendation for the project’s acceptance and approval.