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Planning Director Lori Oakley in Elon

Lori brings 25 years planning experience to Elon including time spent in municipal, county and private planning positions.  She is looking forward to getting back to a local planning atmosphere where her skills will be helpful for all town departments.


The Town of Elon is a Piedmont Triad community located on the western part of Alamance County and northwest of the City of Burlington. The town encompasses approximately 5 square miles, and is made up of 12,183 (2017 Census) residents, including the student body of Elon University, prominently located within the Town’s center.

The Planning and Development Services goals and tasks:


  1. Provide good growth management by making decisions that maintain our small town characteristics by strategically locating new land development in the most appropriate places, help reduce costly suburban sprawl, use existing infrastructure investments, protect environmental resources, and preserve open space.
  2. Build strong relationships by coordinating and cooperating with key community institutions, and surrounding jurisdictions.
  3. Carefully preserve Elon’s Environmental Resources.
  4. Help preserve Elon’s small town character.
  5. Provide adequate public services and infrastructure.

Some of the many tasks that the Developmental Services team is involved with include:

  1. Serving as the liaison between the local government, town citizens, and elected/appointed boards.
  2. Providing good customer service and a working relationship with the community.
  3. Processing and/or reviewing major/minor developments, final plats, site plans, sign permits, building permits, demolition requests, rezoning requests, annexations, certificates of occupancy, interpretations of the land development ordinance, and zoning/code enforcement.
  4. Assessing the Land Development Ordinance to ensure its compatibility with state and federal laws and the needs of the local community.
  5. Representing the town in regional and transportation organizations.
  6. Meeting with citizens, property owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to provide guidance on issues ranging from potential uses for a property to how to open a new business within the town.