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The Town of Elon welcomes you and extends a general invitation to all regular and special public meetings. The Town of Elon is governed by the council-manager form of government. The Board of Aldermen consists of six members: a mayor, mayor pro tem, and four aldermen. The members of the Board of Aldermen are elected officials that serve at large and set policy for the Town of Elon. They are elected in staggered terms of four years. In the Town of Elon, the Mayor does not vote unless there is a tie.  The Board meets twice monthly.  The first Monday is an agenda preparation session and the second Tuesday is the Regular Meeting where the Board votes on agenda items. For a listing of the Board members and their contact information, please visit the directory page.

Your direct link to the Board of Aldermen for formal invitations and other various events is DiAnne Enoch, Town Clerk, who can be reached at 336.584.3601 or via email at

Remote Viewing Option
Because of COVID-19, we took the Board of Aldermen meetings online through Zoom and continue this practice though the meetings have returned to being in person. This capability increases access for those that cannot attend in person. To register to attend the Board of Aldermen agenda session meetings, click here to register.  To join the Board of Aldermen regular meetings, click here to register. If you plan to make public comments at a meeting, please contact DiAnne Enoch, Town Clerk, at or by phone at 336.584.3601.