This RFLOI is to solicit responses (Letters of Interest, or LOIs) from qualified firms to provide professional consulting services to produce a corridor plan for East Haggard Avenue between Antioch Avenue and York Road in Elon, N.C., a distance of approximately .75 miles. While a plan for the entire length of Haggard Avenue in Elon’s jurisdiction is ultimately needed, this project, considered to be Phase 1 of 3, represents the scope of this request. The general intent of the study is to assess existing conditions along the route and make recommendations on the following:
1)Potential for improving multi-modal access and use of the corridor;
2)Identify opportunities for additional on-street parking in and near Elon’s downtown core;
3)Provide design recommendations for a corridor overlay district to address items such as permitted uses, landscaping, setbacks and building form, lighting, ingress/egress, and signage.

LOIs SHALL be received ELECTRONICALLY, BY MAIL, OR HAND-DELIVERY no later than 5:00 p.m., April 23, 2020.

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