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Elon Fire Department Station 8 Fire Engine 84

The Elon Fire department responds out of two stations to approximately 1,900 calls annually.  Both fire stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to provide fire protection, emergency medical response, public service assistance and public education around the clock.  We are dedicated to, and take pride in, providing the absolute best service in the most professional and courteous manner.

Fire Response

The Elon Fire Department responds to many different types of fire protection responses.  These calls include structure fires (both residential and commercial), vehicle fires, automobile accidents, brush/woods/grass fires, gas leaks (both natural and propane gas), hazardous material emergencies, mutual aid assistance throughout Alamance County, etc.  Some of the specialized pieces of equipment we utilize on these types of responses are thermal imaging cameras, multi-gas detectors, self-contained breathing apparatus, hydraulic cutting and spreading tools, metal/concrete cutting saws, and ventilation fans.  These are just a few of the tools we use that allow our trained personnel to operate safer and more efficiently.

Emergency Medical Response

The Elon Fire Department responds to many different types of emergency medical responses.  These types of calls include heart attacks, breathing difficulties, automobile accidents, falls, diabetic emergencies, strokes, lacerations, etc.  Some of the specialized pieces of equipment we utilize on these types of responses are automated external defibrillators, advanced airway devices, glucometers, pulse oximetry devices, hydraulic cutting and spreading tools, etc.

With a portion of Interstate 85/40, University Dr, some state highways and railroads that run throughout our primary response district, we respond to many automobile accidents.  These accidents involve tractor trailers, buses, dump trucks, trains, many types of passenger vehicles, etc.  We utilize many different pieces of specialized equipment with these responses that include hydraulic cutting and spreading tools (known as the “jaws of Life”), air lifting bags, hydraulic rams, both air and battery powered tools, many hand tools, etc.  These tools and many hours of training enable us to safely and efficiently extricate, or remove, patients from these many types of vehicles and equipment.

Public Service Assistance

The Elon Fire Department is also committed to providing different types of services to our community outside of the emergency response realm.  Throughout the year we provide and teach fire safety classes, fire extinguisher classes, perform both smoke and carbon monoxide detector checks, conduct blood pressure checks, etc.

We enjoy interacting with our community and we want to provide our community with the information they need to make their homes and businesses the safest and best prepared as possible!

Hazardous Weather Response

The Elon Fire Department responds to many hazardous weather related responses.  Some of these responses include flooding, straight line winds, trees down, lightning strikes, etc.  In the event a hazardous weather disaster strikes our community, we respond to assure our schools, retirement and assisted living facilities and disabled residents are safe and free from harm.  Once these areas have been checked we begin clearing the roadways of fallen trees and debris, assessing storm damage, and responding to other emergency calls.  The Town’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at our fire station on S. Williamson Ave (Station 8).  During hazardous weather emergencies, and larger scale events, this becomes the Town’s central command post.  A representative from each Town department (police, fire, public works, and administration) operate out of this EOC until the event is completed.