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Waste Collection

Waste collection occurs every Tuesday. Waste Receptacles should be placed at the curb no sooner than 24 hours before pick up and left at the curb no later than 24 hours after pick up.

Yard waste is collected every other Thursday.  Yard waste should be placed at the curb by 6:00am to ensure pick up.  Tree trimmings, wooden items 5′ or less in length, and bagged leaves are considered yard waste.

Bulk waste is collected every other Thursday. Appliances (doors removed), scrap metal, and tires off the rim are considered bulk waste.

Recycling Collection

Recycling pick up is every other Wednesday. Newspaper, aluminum cans, plastic milk, water, and soda bottles, metal coat hangers, corrugated cardboard, cardboard tubes, glass bottles and jars (clear, green, and brown), and office paper may be recycled.

The Town of Elon provides one waste and one recycling receptacle per household. Additional recycling bins are available for an additional charge of $50.


The Town of Elon does not collect electronics or e-waste material. To dispose of electronics and e-waste items, please visit Alamance County Landfill for more information and drop off locations.

Printable Collection Schedule