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Town of Elon Land Development Ordinance – Amended 3-15-22

Town of Elon Zoning Map

Town of Elon Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Jordan Lake Riparian Buffer Ordinance

Phase II Stormwater Post-Construction Ordinance

Permit Applications

TRC Committee Procedure

TRC Schedule – 2021

TRC Application

Fire Flow Procedure and Application

Home Occupation Permit Application

Planning Permit (Certificate of Planning Compliance)

Guide to Rezoning

Rezoning Application

Sign Permit Application

Special Use Permit Application


Variance Application

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Fee Schedule

The Town of Elon works with Alamance County for building permits and inspections. Please follow this link to obtain permits for commercial and residential construction projects.  The planning director must sign your permit as the zoning official before submittal to Alamance County.

Eno-Haw Hazard Mitigation Plan